The Blogger

Well, where do I start? These little bio thingies are alway a pain to write. I’m Huriyah, and if you’re wondering, my name is pronounced [who-ree-ya]. I’m a reader of literature and appreciater words, in fact, I love them so much that I did an entire degree on them (give me a shout if you’re studying English Language & Communication and English Literature). Basically, I know a lot about coffee and Dickens. Being a language junkie means I enjoy playing with words, I love the fluidity of language and nerd out when someone’s talking about dialects, syntax and Chomsky. You won’t catch me ranting over grammar, but you bet I’m going to sit back and smirk at people ranting over grammar whilst making grammatical mistakes #dontbethatguy.

I like to write and am currently working on a few novels that I want to publish under a pseudonym. I’m hoping to take a Creative Writing MA course soon-ish so I can spend more time focusing on my writing, if that happens, I’ll blog about it!

The Blog

Sugarquills was launched in May ’16 and then relaunched with a completely new look in March ’17. I decided to make the change to give it a cleaner and a slightly more personal feel. Sugarquills is open to review requests, blog tours, guests posts and Q&As, please contact me (via email or the contact page) if you’d like to be featured.

I no longer accept eBooks to review because I get a lot of review requests and it’s really easy for eBooks to be forgotten in the pile of TBRs. Rest assured, if you have sent me an eBook in the past, I will get to it eventually, but physical copies take priority simply because I can see them on my shelf (which reminds me I need to read them!).