Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yōko Tawada

Memoirs of a Polar Bear by Yōko Tawada translated by Susan Bernofsky

Publication: March 2nd 2017 by Portobello Books

Format: Paperback Pages: 256

ISBN13: 9781846276316

‘Someone tickled me behind my ears, under my arms. I curled up, became a full moon, and rolled on the floor. I may also have emitted a few hoarse shrieks. Then I lifted my rump to the sky and tucked my head beneath my belly: Now I was a sickle moon, still too young to imagine any danger. Innocent, I opened my anus to the cosmos and felt it in my bowels.

A bear, born and raised in captivity, is devastated by the loss of his keeper; another finds herself performing in the circus; a third sits down one day and pens a memoir which becomes an international sensation, and causes her to flee her home.

Through the stories of these three bears, Tawada reflects on our own humanity, the ways in which we belong to one another and the ways in which we are formed. Delicate and surreal, Memoirs of a Polar Bear takes the reader into foreign bodies and foreign climes, and immerses us in what the New Yorker has called “Yoko Tawada’s magnificent strangeness”.’ – Portobello Books

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Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet illustrated by Sonia Leong

Romeo and Juliet illustrated by Sonia Leong

Publication: July 1st 2008 by SelfMadeHero

Format: Paperback Pages: 196

ISBN13: 9780955285608

Now presenting Manga Shakespeare—the Bard’s greatest plays in an accessible, lively format for a new generation of readers

Romeo and Juliet is ideally suited for the manga format—it has teenage heroes, scheming and villainous adults, heartbreaking tragedy, and the ultimate romantic plot about star-cross’d lovers. Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, fall deeply in love—and they refuse to let their parents’ age-old feud get in their way. When Romeo is banished from their town, a series of mistakes and misunderstandings, along with their families’ mutual hatred, finally manages to end their love. An exciting introduction to the Bard for reluctant readers and manga fans alike. – Goodreads

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Studying English Literature at University

English Literature

If you’re a mega bookworm, if books are your life and soul, if you eat books for breakfast then you’re going to love English Literature. Well, it depends. You also need to be okay with reading books you hate, you need to be patient to get through modules on time periods you couldn’t care less about, and you need to understand Lit is less about reading for enjoyment and more about being able to quickly read craploads of material, process it, and analyse the daylights out of it.

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Studying English Language at University


I’ve had some questions from college students regarding English degrees and I thought it would be nice to put all the information in one big post to clear up some confusion. But since I studied both English Language and Literature, it’s difficult to be as informative as possible without making this post over 5,000 words long. So, I’m going to break things down and have a post focusing on just English Language, a separate one on just English Literature and then maybe one on the pros and cons to a joint honours degree in English Language and English Literature. The aim of these posts is to help potential students decide which English course sounds right for them, and to give them a little advice to help them feel more prepared for university.

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Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Publication: February 23rd 2017 by Apollo

Format: Hardback Pages: 489

ISBN13: 9781786691354

Pachinko follows one Korean family through the generations, beginning in early 1900s Korea with Sunja, the prized daughter of a poor yet proud family, whose unplanned pregnancy threatens to shame them all. Deserted by her lover, Sunja is saved when a young tubercular minister offers to marry and bring her to Japan.

So begins a sweeping saga of an exceptional family in exile from its homeland and caught in the indifferent arc of history. Through desperate struggles and hard-won triumphs, its members are bound together by deep roots as they face enduring questions of faith, family, and identity.Goodreads.

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