The 10 Harry Potter Deaths That We Still Aren’t Over

[Guest Post by Maggie.]

It’s hard to believe that a series that is still so loved and loyally followed ended back in 2007. Maybe you’re a faithful Hufflepuff, a clever Ravenclaw, a brave Gryffindor or an ambitious Slytherin. Or perhaps, like Harry and me, you bounce between the latter. Whatever the case may be, we Potterheads stick together through thick and thin, and many of us still need comforting after the heartbreak that series caused us. Seriously, Rowling, not impressed…we still love you, though.

If you’re like me, you’ve loved immersing yourself in fictional worlds for longer than you can remember. You get lost in them and fall in love with the characters. It feels like you’re reading about your friends and living the adventures with them. So when one of them dies it can deeply affect you! And some always stay with you. There are definitely more than 10 Harry Potter deaths that I’m still getting over, but here are the worst ones, in no particular order. I’m sorry.

  1. Colin Creevey

Colin was like an innocent little flower. Somehow he felt like the only piece of innocence left in Harry’s life. He goes into battle to help his hero, but never comes out again. Was this really necessary!?


  1. Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody

This one just felt unfair more than anything else. Moody was an interesting character because for the entirety of the first book that we knew him, we knew a lie. Getting to a point where we could get to know his real self and like him took some time. But this guy has not had an easy life. Hell, he was locked in a trunk for a good year. So when we find out that thanks to Mundungus Fletcher he was hit by a killing curse, it doesn’t feel right. He deserved better.


  1. Cedric Diggory

Even though we didn’t know him for a long time, this death still hurt, and that is mainly due to the reactions it sparked. When Harry returns from the graveyard he refuses to let go of Cedric’s body. They literally try to pry his fingers off because he won’t let go. It’s such a big moment in the series because it’s, in my opinion, when Harry Potter makes the switch from a children’s series to something darker. It’s the first time that Harry truly experiences death close up, that he can vividly remember, and that changes the entire tone of the story.


  1. Severus Snape

Some hate him, but I absolutely love Snape. And love or hate, this death brought at least one tear to every Potterheads’ eye. The realization that Snape wasn’t nearly as awful as he appeared, that he so often protected Harry, came too late. The fact that Snape didn’t want Harry to know until the end just made it even worse. After all this time, he still loves Lily Potter and would do anything for her. Even protect her son, always *drowns in own tears*.

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  1. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks

I’m probably cheating by placing these two together, but seriously!? I loved both of these characters dearly, and Remus was without a doubt one of my favourite characters. He was pretty much the only father figure left in Harry’s life, and HE HAD A BABY. Remus and Tonks finally get to be happy and cute together and start a nice, happy family, and what happens? The rug got pulled out from all of us on this couple.

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  1. Hedwig

THIS ONE HURT. I mean, they all hurt, but this one was particularly painful. We’ve known Hedwig since the beginning, and she was there when Harry had no one else. She has never let him down and her death is no different. She saves his life by getting hit by a killing curse. It was unexpected and out of the blue, which is another reason why it hit so hard.

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  1. Dobby

Okay, I’m saying it now. This one felt really unnecessary! They were so close! So close to escaping with no fatalities and bam! Rowling does it again. Dobby is another character that we’ve known for almost the entirety of the series. He has been a faithful friend to Harry. Our only comfort can be that he died saving Harry, Ron, and Hermione and in turn, helped save the world, muggles and wizards alike. And he died *sniff* among friends.


  1. Albus Dumbledore

This one was incredibly sad, as well as odd, because we knew it was coming. We knew that he was sick and that he only had a certain amount of time left. However, though we saw his death coming, we never imagined the manner of it. Snape’s betrayal felt massive at the time, and it was really the last straw. We knew after this that everything would be different and that the real war was about to begin. Dumbledore was our one constant, almost like a back up. If anything went wrong, Dumbledore could fix it. With him gone, it was all up to Harry, and that was terrifying. Also, somehow both Dumbledore and Snape’s deaths became even more emotional after finishing the series and uncovering all the secrets that they kept.


  1. Sirius Black

I remember reading this death, and I remember it being the first time a book caused me to bawl my eyes out. I read the passage over and over again, unable and unwilling to believe that this actually happened. It felt so unfair. Harry was going to live with him, he was finally going to have a family. And so was Sirius! All of it was ripped away in a second thanks to Bellatrix Lestrange. Seeing it push Harry so far over the edge added to the sadness, and the fact that he had no body to say goodbye to or bury was too heartbreaking for words.


  1. Fred Weasley

This… I can’t even talk about this one. I don’t think anyone can talk about this one.

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Joanne has been ripping out our hearts (by ripping the hearts out of our favourite characters), for many years now, and no doubt she’ll continue to do so. Which Harry Potter death was the most scarring for you? Let me know down in the comments!


Maggie is an Ontario based writer and professional fangirl. Her short story “Running With Guilt” is the first featured in the anthology Holding Fire: Short Stories of Self Destruction. She is the creator and writer at Fiction’s Mistress and loves writing about film/tv, books, and geek culture. She is a contributor at ScreenPrism and has been featured on Moviepilot. On the rare occasion that she isn’t writing she can be found working on her next cosplay, listening to her new favourite film score, and crying over fictional characters.

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