Why I Enjoy Using Instagram for My Book Love!

Aaahhh… Instagram! Somewhere where internet fans can have fun conversations with other fans about the latest buzz around the world, except in this case, you get to showcase your life through pictures of yourself and share it with other internet users!  So in this post, I will talk about the reasons why I enjoy using Instagram for my love of books!

I have recently started using Instagram to take pictures of myself and showing users what has been going on in my life through my photos. But since I’ve been an avid reader my whole life, I’ve always wanted to show other book lovers the books I’ve bought from a bookstore or the books I’ve owned for years, and Instagram is definitely the best place for that!

I enjoy using Instagram to showcase my love of books because I get to show everyone what kind of books I read and it helps me become more creative with how I showcase those books. For instance, for Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (which I just recently bought), I’ve placed the book on a white cover and I’ve placed roses around the book. The props I use help other bookworms see what the book is about.

Me Before You

So, do you like using Instagram to showcase your books? Please comment below with your Bookstagram username!

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