Choquin: Call for Submissions from Latinx Writers & Artists

Hi everyone!

I haven’t got a review for you today but I do have some exciting news about a new Latinx literary magazine that’s looking for submissions.

Choquin is a product of the love we have for literature and our people. Now more than ever, it’s essential for Latinx to carve a space for ourselves where we can tell our stories. As a nod to Gina Rodriguez, this magazine represents a culture that wants to see themselves as heroes.

Here we are. Welcome. – Choquin.

The founder, Jacky Linares, has created the magazine in ‘an attempt to get latinx to make a space for themselves whether it be through art or writing.’

So, if you’re a Latinx writer/artist, please consider submitting something to Choquin. If you are not Latinx, you can still support Choquin by spreading the word (and reading!).

You can contact Jacky using the form on the website (here) or by emailing