My Favourite Online Bookshops

As comforting and beautiful brick-and-mortar bookshops are, sometimes it’s just more convenient (and cheaper) to buy your books online. My obsession with stockpiling books carried on during my uni years, so I had to find a more affordable way to buy crap loads of books on a budget. I always exceeded that budget anyway, but I still spent far less than I would have if I didn’t buy online from the following bookshops.


The best thing about Book Depository is the free shipping and, from my experience, how quickly the order gets to you. I’ve only had one bad experience with Book Depository, and that was when my book arrived in less than perfect condition. But the customer service experience was fantastic, they shipped a replacement copy the same day and didn’t even ask me to return the first order. They always throw free bookmarks in too, so that’s a nice bonus!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 00.05.01

I only discovered this website this year, and it has already been good to me. The collection discounts at The Book People are excellent, and I love how they offer three to four book bundles for the price of one book.


If you don’t mind pre-loved books, you’re going to love the huge discounts at World of Books. I have ordered many books from this store over the past few years, and I have never been disappointed. They always arrive on time and, despite how little they cost compared to new copies, the quality is always great. I’ve received a lot of books in almost new condition for half the original price! World of Books offers free delivery in the UK.


Amazon is Amazon. The delivery is always timely; books are always in great condition and sometimes you can get three books for the price of two or three for a tenner. I love Audible and use it frequently so the WhisperSync feature is fantastic. Almost all of my eBooks and Audiobooks are purchased off Amazon/Audible.

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I used to buy a lot of books from Wordery through Amazon and then I discovered that they had their own website (which was easier to browse through). Wordery has always been excellent. I’ve purchased books from them for years, and I have never had any complaints. The discounts are spiffy, and they also offer free worldwide delivery.

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