The Summer That Melted Everything Wins ‘Not the Booker Prize 2016’ and Tiffany McDaniel’s Suggested Playlist

Tiffany McDaniel’s The Summer That Melted Everything was published only three months ago. I was lucky enough to be contacted for a review request by the lovely Tiffany and her description of the book had my attention in a heartbeat. If you were following SugarQuills around that time, you might have noticed that I gave The Summer That Melted Everything a glowing review with a five-star rating to match. It was (and remains) one of my favourite reads this year. I also had the pleasure of thoroughly interrogating interviewing Tiffany.

Recently, The Guardian held an award entitled ‘Not the Booker Prize 2016’, and I was glad to learn that The Summer That Melted Everything was amongst the titles under consideration – so I voted for it, duh. (You can read the comment I left on The Guardian supporting my vote at the end of this post).

The Summer That Melted Everything was competing with Walking the Lights (Deborah Andrews), Chains of Sand (Jemma Wayne), The Combinations (Louis Armand), The Less Than Perfect Legend of Donna Creosote (Dan Micklethwaite), and What Will Remain (Dan Clements). There was also a ‘None of the above’ category.

Yesterday, I found out that The Summer That Melted Everything won the prize. And honestly, I’m not surprised, I gave it five stars for a reason!

To celebrate this victory, made even more special because her readers AND the judges loved her book, Tiffany has kindly written up a suggested playlist for The Summer That Melted Everything. So, if you were wondering what the playlist for this prize-winner would be, or if you’re interested in the kind of music Tiffany is into, look no further.

It’s a combination of music from the 1980s for Fielding’s youth, and some from before and after to kind of follow him all through life. I tried to find songs that have more connection in their lyrics to the story itself, and also songs with the ‘devil’ in it you’ll notice a bit for Sal. And some songs like ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ going along with Stella’s fear of the rain. – Tiffany McDaniel.


My vote:

I would like to vote for The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel because I thought it was a unique novel offering a striking portrayal of perception and mob mentality. I loved the characters and felt like each of them had depth and something to offer to the overall storyline. McDaniel did a great job at writing heartbreaking scenes that evoked an emotional response and drew me closer to the story and protagonist. This novel remains one of my favourite reads this year and I have read more than 20 novels since I finished it!

You’re welcome to share the playlist! Have you read The Summer That Melted Everything? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SugarQuillsUK. I was happy to see some of my favourites on this playlist, are any of your favourites on there too?