What Am I Reading?

Oh look, another round-up post. Kinda. The last time I wrote a round-up post about the books I was going read was in February, but I only read three out of six books I mentioned in that post (life happened/I got distracted).

I’ve decided to keep this one short. Pachinko and Memoirs of a Polar Bear were on my February list and hey ho, it’s almost April and they’re still on my list. I’m cheating a bit because I’m more than halfway through Pachinko anyway (but to be fair I never want this amazing book to end). I’m also reading an eBook copy of Difficult Women by Roxane Gay, which is another fantastic read, and why didn’t anyone tell me about it book before?

These are basically the books I’m going to be busy with from now until the end of April. Let’s hope I stick to my TBR this time. I’d love to see some own voices reviews for these books, so if you have written a review for any of the books mentioned in this post, send me a link so I can add a link back to your blog/YouTube channel when I write the reviews!

The books in the image (Naondel, Memoirs of a Polar Bear, and Pachinko) were sent to me by the publishers. I purchased Difficult Women myself.