And it’s finally working!

After almost pulling all of my hair out yesterday, I managed to get the whole self-hosting thing sorted out. It only took about 24 hours, no sleep and a lot of screaming in frustration. Tip: if you’re thinking of starting a blog and have plans to self-host, just do it from the start. 

BUT it was worth it. I’m pretty happy with how SugarQuills looks right now. I went ahead and made new feature images for all my reviews so you guys can see the book cover and rating straight away. The SugarQuillsBoutique link in the menu bar will now take you to a page displaying my Etsy listings (you can get 5% off with the code THANKYOU01 until June 30th), and there’s SO MUCH MORE COLOUR NOW.

If anyone wants to know where the unicorn is from, you can get it from here. I just changed the colour 🦄

Yes, I installed an emoji plugin and yes I will abuse it in every-single-post.