Not So New Year New Me

So clearly I wasn’t messing about when I said I wanted to switch up my blog. I wanted to rebrand everything to just ‘Huriyah’ but someone took the name on Twitter (it’s an egg account), and someone has also bought the domain name (WHICH THEY’RE NOT EVEN USING). Don’t you hate it when that happens? You’d think having a unique name would come useful somehow, but nooope. Anyway, I’m sticking to sugarquills, but now I’ve gone and added some bells and whistles like my own email account (huriyah @ sugarquills, a new theme and logo banner thing.

Oh, and I’ve got a new star rating code. Now I can give .5-star ratings too (it’s the little things that count) just look at this beauty:


I’m still having a slight issue with the rating because it’s not working with my older posts (it won’t align with images). So, I’m waiting to hear back from someone regarding that and will update old posts once I know what to do.

You can now read more about the blog (and moi) by clicking on the About page in the top navigation menu, I’ve updated the Review Directory, and you can finally read about my Rating System and what each star rating means!

If you’re wondering how to follow my posts, there’s a subscription form at the end of the sidebar (on the right).

I want to start writing up more discussions and generally chatty posts so my blog has more of my personality in it (yes, I have some of that stuff). Since I’m working on a novel (or three), I going to start writing about the writing process and about the novels themselves. (But in a super ambiguous way because I’m planning on publishing under a pseudonym.) This is still a book review blog and the main focus is still on books!

Despite moaning about how much I don’t like Disqus, I’m decided to give it a try so I’ve installed that. You can comment with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and all that fun sparkly stuff. I’m happy with other bloggers leaving their links in comments, I know I say this EVERY TIME but I want to blog hop more often. I do check blogs out when you link them!