This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire


This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire

Publication: August 16th 2016 by Cornerstone Digital

Format: eBook Pages: 320

ISBN13: 9781780895727

This Modern Love is a unique crowdsourced book of letters, stories, and photographs about the state of modern romance by YouTuber Will Darbyshire.

‘Question 1. What would you say to your ex, without judgement?’

Seeking closure after a tough break-up, Will Darbyshire was driven to strike up an intimate conversation with his online audience. Posting a series of questions via his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram channels, Will asked his 

followers to share their innermost thoughts about their relationship experiences, in the form of hand-written letters, poems, photographs, and emails.

After 6 months and over 15,000 heartfelt submissions later, from over 100 countries, This Modern Love collects these letters together to form a compendium of 21st century love, structured into the beginning, middle and end of a relationship.

Tender, funny and cathartic, This Modern Love is a compelling portrait of individual desires, resentments and fears that reminds us that, whether we’re in or out of love, we’re not alone. Goodreads 

This Modern Love was mentioned in my Bookish Booklover Tag post; it was the book I was saving up to buy next. Well, I did exactly that and I whizzed through it the same day (it’s not long).

To recap:

Will Darbyshire is a YouTuber and film maker, he asked his viewers to contribute to This Modern Love by sending him their answers to questions he would ask in his YouTube videos. For example, ‘Question 1. What would you say to your ex, without judgement?’  The book is a collection of all the answers submitted by Will’s viewers.’


The answers were formatted as letters. Some people submitted anonymously while others were happy to have their names printed. I liked the rawness of the letters, a few of them reflected internal conflicts and heartaches while others were more on the positive sunshine and daisies side. Some love letters were anaemic in their portrayal – I found this was mostly the case with ‘new’ loves, while others showed a deeper and more complex understanding and appreciation of love.


However, I was let down because I felt like a lot of the letters sounded too generic and lacked the private, personal feel that I expected. There were a couple of letters that made me stop, re-read lines and connect with the words, but those were the only letters that got a reaction out of me.


When it comes to my overall impression of The Modern Love, sadly, I think I may have set my expectations a little too high. The book was an alright, rainy day read but it didn’t blow my socks off.