Listening to Gaiman read Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Narrated by Neil Gaiman

Publication: February 24th 2017 by Audible Studios

Format: Audiobook Length: 6 hrs 30 mins


My first Gaiman will not be my last. Norse Mythology was my first introduction to the Norse gods. My brief encounter with Thor and Loki was pitifully based on the Avengers. I never got into the Thor movies, never showed any interest in Loki (from what I had seen on screen), and didn’t even think I’d like this book.

Gaiman quite wonderfully tells the stories of the Norse gods. It’s not a comprehensive book, but a brilliant introduction for the clueless (or curious) who want to simply dive into Norse mythology without getting confused by various versions of the same stories, conflicting events and so on. ‘Tidy’ springs to mind, it’s an organised collection of short stories told in a chronological order, so you’re not left wondering what, when, why and where.

It’s by no means a comprehensive guide to all things Norse mythology but it’s one of the best mythology overviews I’ve ever come across.

I would highly recommend the audiobook over the physical or eBook versions of this book. The best thing about it is that it’s read by Gaiman himself and his manner makes the characters come to life. The gods are, ironically, portrayed as human. They make mistakes, they can be cruel, they can be frail but also feared. Sometimes they’re downright stupid but always likeable. My nonchalant attitude towards Loki did a backflip thanks to Gaiman’s portrayal of the hilarious and cunning prankster. I laughed out loud many times and enjoyed listening to all the stories, so, I was quite upset when the book finished (it’s only 6 hours and 30 minutes!).

Norse Mythology takes you from moments of hilarity to anxiously hoping Loki or Thor save the day.